July 25, 2012

Are you stuck ? A list of ways out to overcome writer's block

Are you stuck in your novel ? Do you need to overcome writer's block ? Try something new, introduce a subplot. Derail from the main story. Change things.

Here is a list of tiny ideas that can unlock your novel. They are very generic and vague so that can fit, with some adaptation, in almost every genre.

Yes, even heroic fantasy.

  1. Describe a past event of the villain that could have influenced his character.
  2. Go on a secondary character, and put him in danger.
  3. Get a walk-on player, give it a name and a life. Then kill him.
  4. Introduce a villain that is dangerous for both the current villain and the players.
  5. One of the characters refuses to fight.
  6. One of the characters finds an object lost by time.
  7. Introduce the pet of one of the characters.
  8. One of the characters loses an important object.
  9. Take a step back, enlarge the view, and describe the environment in which the characters are. As seen from a greater distance.
  10. A walk-on player unlocks one of the characters by chance.
  11. The walk-on player is an object. What does it see?
  12. Describe a disaster of enormous proportions. Does it affect the characters? How?
  13. The weather changes.
  14. Misfortune is doggedly on one of the characters.
  15. One of the characters plays the housework. Suddenly, he breaks an object.
  16. Describe in detail the meal of some characters.
  17. A train crosses the country. Carries something related to one of the characters.
  18. Change the time scale and move very quickly or very slowly. Describe what you see.
  19. Take a step forward, narrowing the view, go macroscopic. Describe the environment.
  20. Traffic jam. So many cars stuck. In one of these cars someone whose history is connected to one of the characters.
  21. The villain has the possibility to become good. Will do ?
  22. A picture is taken. It depicts one of the protagonists. Who has taken it ? Why ?
  23. An insect annoys one of the protagonists. Can it change the course of the plot ?
  24. One of the characters loses money / wallet / mobile / documents.
  25. The villain hit his head and loses his memory.
  26. One of the characters is elected to an important position against his will.
  27. Emerge very incriminating information about the past of one of the characters.
  28. Two characters fighting furiously for a trivial reason. Someone has caused the quarrel ?
  29. Party in the country, area, building. Time to relax.
  30. The drink one of the characters he's drinking has much more alcohol than expected.
  31. Two characters find themselves close relatives.
  32. After a storm, the sea returns a body. One of the characters knows it ?
  33. One of the characters is trapped and is forced to quit / resign.
  34. An earthquake strikes the area in which the characters are found.
  35. One of the characters is called to testify in a trial.
  36. One of the characters should move.
  37. One of the characters remain trapped in the elevator.
  38. One of the characters finds a rare object in a store. It is linked to his childhood. Should have. Absolutely.
  39. Describe a past event of a character that is connected, even remotely, to current events.
  40. One of the characters finds himself attracted to the villain.